07.04.10 Random Ramblings

Of all the holidays recognized by the U.S. government, Independence Day is my favorite. I’m proud that my ancestors’ pursuit of independence gave root to a family tree sprouted on this continent before the Revolutionary War. I’m proud to be an independent business and am thankful for my worldwide network of clients and colleagues who share this value. I’m proud to support independent journalism, film, music and theater.

To me, Independence is synonymous with Freedom. And true Freedom requires honesty, objectivity, uncensored discussion, and scientific validation. It is the distinction between reality and fantasy. To be genuinely Free and Independent is not a lazy, passive path toward isolation. It is a conscious choice that demands active participation. I made the choice. I choose to participate.

I believe in the power of independent thought, independent speech and independent action. I strive to use this power for good and to help others to do the same. I have no patience for dishonesty and no time for deception. I respect those who challenge me and want to learn from them. I am humbled to know so many who protect this ideal and am grateful to those who have helped me along my own path of Independence.

It is an honor to celebrate this Independence Day.

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