Client News: ROCKFON + Chicago Metallic = Success for Union League Boys & Girls Clubs’ renovated Chicago facility

This multi-phased $4.2 million renovation and expansion nearly doubled the facility’s original size and showcases Rockfon® Impact™ ceiling panels.

Client News: Chicago Metallic ceiling systems improve TTC Islington Subway Station’s appearance, performance

The master specification developed on Islington Station serves as the basis for all ceiling replacement needs in the TTC stations currently scheduled for renovation.

Client News: Rockfon Infinity Perimeter Trim creates smooth ceiling transitions, floating clouds, light coves

“Ideal for hospitals, retail, airports, hospitality, offices and schools, Rockfon Infinity Perimeter Trim offers infinite design possibilities. Ceilings can be transformed with soaring heights, imaginative shapes and faux skylines.”

Client News: ROCKFON introduces Chicago Metallic 1494 SSC – an efficient, code-compliant alternative for seismic

According to the current IBC, every construction project must meet a Seismic Design Category (SDC), regardless of geography.

Client News: ROCKFON + Chicago Metallic = Complete ceiling solutions

Integrated team launches unified brand and a comprehensive product offering

Client News: Chicago Metallic promotes Cory Nevins to director of marketing, expands team and product offering

The marketing team includes: Cory Nevins, director of marketing; Mark Kemerling, tile and new products manager; Mark Taylor, grid product manager; Pat Wallis, metal ceilings product manager; Gary Madaras, acoustical product manager; and Nancy Henry, communications manager.

Client News: Chicago Metallic acquired by the ROCKWOOL Group

The newly acquired Chicago Metallic Company™ LLC (CMC) represents one of the largest acquisitions to date by the ROCKWOOL Group.

Client News: Chicago Metallic saves time writing ceiling specifications with ARCAT SpecWizard

“This quick and easy tool is available 24/7/365 to automatically generate ceiling system specifications for design professionals’ unique projects and requirements. It also links visitors with their local sales representatives in cases where they need a more personalized response.”

Client News: Chicago Metallic ceiling system delivers “wow factor” at Florida’s MTI

“The installation team consisted of true artisans. Chicago Metallic’s products were able to encompass all of the project’s requirements; providing a custom fit at a good value.”

Client News: Chicago Metallic promotes Megan Nichols to director of marketing and service, adds new members to its marketing team

Chicago Metallic’s product managers now include: Mark Kemerling for panel products, Tracy Muller for specialty ceilings and Mark Taylor for suspension systems