Client News: Appleton Coated’s “U Choose: Digital Utopia” deals a one-of-a-kind winning hand with digitally printed card decks

Delivering an individualized presentation for every recipient, more than 13,600 different cover-art combinations were printed – in sequence, on the same press.

Client news: Curious About Print conjures the power of Metallics and Translucents

The book features Curious Metallics and Translucents. It welcomes readers to a place called “Curious Collection,” where paper embodies the power to change minds with a touch and surpasses assumptions about paper-as-normal.

Client News: Appleton Coated introduces Curious Matter, a tactile, avant-garde paper made with potato starch

Arjowiggins Creative Papers collaborates with Gary Card, Lady Gaga’s costume/set designer, on extravagant creatures fashioned from Curious Collection

Client News: Appleton Coated honors U360 Design Competition winners for 2013

“They deserve to be celebrated as extraordinary examples of all that vision, design and paper make possible, sparking inspiration and aspiration through printed communication.”

Client News: Appleton Coated calls for entries to U360 Design Competition

Submissions must be printed all, or in part, on Utopia and/or Curious Collection papers, accompanied by a completed entry form, produced in 2013, and postmarked no later than Dec. 6, 2013.

Client News: Appleton Coated appoints new sales team members

“We feel these latest organizational moves not only position Appleton Coated at full strength for continued growth in the coated free sheet, technical and specialty markets, they reaffirm our strong commitment to both our merchant partners and the end-user segment of our business.”

Client News: Roman Condensed and Latin Extended featured as Hamilton Wood Type’s No. 3 and No. 4 type specimen sheets – sponsored by Appleton Coated, last of the limited edition series printed at Jefferson St. location

Specimen sheet No. 3 features the Roman Condensed style of unknown origin printed on Utopia Ivory Matte 80-pound cover and Curious SKIN Emerald 100-pound cover. Specimen sheet No. 4 features Latin Extended as printed on Utopia U1X Matte 100-pound cover and Curious Metallics Lustre 111-pound cover. J.E. Hamilton and Max Katz first showed this as a wood type from their “Specimens of Holly Wood Type” in 1884.

Client News: Appleton Coated presents “PrintUtopia: Bright Skies & Smooth Sailing” featuring U1X

“U1X lends eye-catching momentum and unparalleled performance to printed communications, without compromising environmental or economical responsibilities. While coated paper is sometimes perceived as premium, this new piece shows it is remarkably affordable.”

Client News: Visit Utopia with Appleton Coated’s new swatchbook

A comprehensive “Print Demos” section helps in selecting the best paper option and techniques. “The Utopia GPS – Green Product Selector” guides users toward achieving compatibility of print excellence and environmental stewardship.

Client news: Featured at Dscoop8 – Appleton Coated showcases Chris Hyde’s design, HP Indigo® Digital Press’ customization capabilities in “One of a Kind: PrintUtopia Digital”

Visitors to Appleton Coated’s Dscoop8 Solutions Showcase booth #645 are invited to receive a free copy of One of a Kind: PrintUtopia Digital, a new piece designed by Chris Hyde of Cipher Creative Group and printed entirely on an HP Indigo® 7000 Digital Press.