Client News: Appleton Coated wins Gold Ink Awards

The awards ceremony and Hall of Fame Banquet will be held in Chicago on Sept. 29 in conjunction with GRAPH EXPO, and featured in Printing Impressions magazine.

Client News: Tru Vue Optium Acrylic Glazing enhances the viewer’s experience for Wynn Bullock’s photographic prints on display at the High

Opened June 14, the “Wynn Bullock: Revelations” features more than 100 black-and-white and color photographs displayed with Tru Vue® Optium® Acrylic Glazing, including a number of works on display for the first time. “We really needed a framing system that would allow viewers to experience his work in an intimate and powerfully immediate way, otherwise we would not have done justice to his work.”

Client News: Curious Matter featured in new Curious Collection swatchbook

Complementing the other grades of multi-sensory papers in Curious Collection, Curious Matter is an avant-garde, uniquely textured paper made with potato starch.

Client News: Hamilton Wood Type reveals four, new limited-edition type specimen sheets; sponsored by Appleton Coated

Numbers 5-8 in the series, the specimens feature three Hamilton fonts and one from the William Page collection. Appleton Coated showcases these classic typefaces and letterpress printing on Utopia® coated papers and Curious Collection® papers.

Hamilton Wood Type commemorates relocation with limited edition IPO Certificates for charter members

Charter members may keep the certificates or share them as gifts. The “shareholder” will have access to special events and benefits at the museum.

Client News: Appleton Coated calls for entries to U360 Design Competition

Submissions must be printed all, or in part, on Utopia and/or Curious Collection papers, accompanied by a completed entry form, produced in 2013, and postmarked no later than Dec. 6, 2013.

Client News: Hamilton Wood Type announces collaboration with font designer Erik Spiekermann for Wayzgoose 2013

Hamilton will be cutting “HARD,” the font Erik Spiekermann designed, as part of its annual Wayzgoose type conference, Nov. 8-10, 2013.

Client News: Douglas Osterberg, Appleton Coated’s head of research and development, named to succeed current CEO, Sandra Van Ert, as of Sept. 30

Osterberg has worked extensively throughout the company’s operations and with customers throughout his 34 years with the company.

Client News: Appleton Coated’s “U Choose: Digital Utopia” deals a one-of-a-kind winning hand with digitally printed card decks

Delivering an individualized presentation for every recipient, more than 13,600 different cover-art combinations were printed – in sequence, on the same press.

Client news: Curious About Print conjures the power of Metallics and Translucents

The book features Curious Metallics and Translucents. It welcomes readers to a place called “Curious Collection,” where paper embodies the power to change minds with a touch and surpasses assumptions about paper-as-normal.