Association News: AAMA releases new Comparison of Condensation Ratings Systems for Fenestration document

This new AAMA document was developed to provide a single reference source on the three common condensation rating systems for the U.S. and Canada.

Client News: Kolbe enhances and expands its library of 3-D models

Kolbe combined many model attributes from separate models into one comprehensive family, while reducing the file size.

Association News: AAMA releases updated requirements for coatings on steel hardware components in window, door and skylight applications

Voluntary Specification for Corrosion Resistant Coatings on Carbon Steel Components Used in Windows Doors and Skylights recently was updated with a new test report section, and a clarified scope.

Client News: ROCKFON’s ceiling systems simplify seismic requirements

ROCKFON® Chicago Metallic® ceiling suspension systems are tested to meet or exceed industry standards. These ceiling systems are engineered to reduce installation time, to save associated material and labor costs, and to support life safety and the property preservation during an earthquake.

Client News: Linetec offers antimicrobial protection in 30,000 colors for architectural metal products’ high-touch surfaces

Linetec provides architectural coatings in nearly any imaginable color with protection that exceeds other conventional finishes on metal building products’ interior and exterior surfaces

Association News: AAMA releases updated aluminum finishes documents

AAMA 612 describes test procedures and performance requirements for architectural quality combined finishes of anodic oxide sealed with a transparent organic coating, commonly referred to as the “combined coatings,” applied to aluminum extrusions and panels for architectural products.

Client News: AAMA releases updated voluntary specification for liquid-applied flashing for creating water-resistive seals

The document specifies performance requirements for liquid-applied flashing used to provide a water-resistive seal around exterior wall openings in buildings that includes fenestration products such as windows and doors, as well as other through-wall penetrations.

Client News: Kolbe Introduces Ultra Series XL Sterling double hung windows

Addressing larger openings with traditional aesthetics, Kolbe introduces Ultra Series XL Sterling windows in sizes up to 48 inches wide by 120 inches tall.

Client News: Kolbe windows and doors feature the latest technology in product automation

Kolbe showcases the technology and convenience of automation systems for its multi-slide pocket doors, lift and slide doors, swing doors, awnings and casements.

Client News: Tubelite meets ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Quality Documentation (AC10)

“Our reputation for dependability is closely connected with our ongoing investment in quality, our continuing improvement initiatives, and our product development and certification efforts.”