Association News: AAMA releases Aluminum Storefront and Entrance Manual

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has released SFM-1-14, a manual that provides technical information regarding the installation of high-quality, attractive aluminum storefronts and entrances.

The Aluminum Storefront and Entrance Manual presents information in five main sections: Terminology, Design Information, Hardware, Engineering Design and Guide Specifications.

AAMA_findlay_market01-aluminum“It’s imperative for this document to be up-to-date because we use it as a base for training young and/or new application project engineers,” says Donnie Hunter, vice chair of the Aluminum Storefront Door Task Group. “This is a resource our engineers use throughout their careers.”

The document is 27 years old and was last updated in 1987.

Hunter added that he believes the document will be of value not only to engineers, but also to architects and the architectural metals industry as a whole. It aims to promote good design practice, the use of quality materials and careful workmanship.

“The appropriate standards in storefront and entrance design will benefit all concerned,” says Hunter. “That means the architect, the manufacturer, the contractor and, most importantly, the building owner.”

SFM-1-14, along with other AAMA documents, may be purchased from AAMA’s Publication store.

Client News: adds Chicago Metallic suspension systems and ROCKFON metal ceiling products

ROCKFON(R) has expanded its website to connect visitors with its complete ceiling system offering, supported with a unified brand. The streamlined navigation and new content integrates ROCKFON’s stone wool acoustic ceiling panels and specialty metal ceiling panels with Chicago Metallic® suspension systems.ROCKFON_website now offers a mega-menu for all of our products that makes it easier to access descriptions, illustrations and applications. Our suspended ceiling systems are displayed alongside our ceiling panel products to simplify the selection process,” said Cory Nevins, ROCKFON’s director of marketing for North America.

ROCKFON’s metal ceiling systems are showcased under their own tab with submenu items and include plank tile, curved, linear, open cell, security, baffles and perimeter product selections. Finish color and perforation options can be viewed for each product, as well as suspension systems. Each web page for the suspension systems lists component choices along with illustrations of their slotting and hole placement, finishes and packaging details.

The product web pages also offer on-demand downloadable resources including: product summary sheets with material descriptions and features, performance data, warranty information and specifications. The site will be refreshed continually with new tools and documentation, inspirational projects and case studies, and news items.


Client News: OHare International Airport Terminal 5 renovates with ROCKFON ceiling systems for Modern look, easy maintenance

Contributing to O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 5′s world-class traveler experience, ROCKFON’s team provided the open plenum metal ceiling system above the newly redesigned TSA Checkpoint, and a metal baffle ceiling system above the renovated and expanded Concessions Program.ROCKFON_IL_T5_07HedrichBlessing_web

O’Hare International Airport ranks as the world’s second-busiest airport. Westfield oversees concession management at Terminal 5, and guided the terminal’s transformation and expansion from 15,000 to 26,000 square feet. Westfield Concession Management and its tenant partners are investing more than $26 million into the terminal’s redevelopment.

Westfield selected Epstein’s interior design and structural engineering team for the project. “Terminal 5 was designed 21 years ago by Perkins+Will. Its Modern, clean design is recognized and appreciated. We did not want this to feel like a renovation that didn’t consider the existing architecture. Instead, we wanted to adhere to it, but make it better. We wanted to take the vocabulary of the original building and continue it through the mezzanine renovation and expansion,” explains John Kolb, Epstein’s associate vice president, IIDA, LEED® AP.

Epstein’s scope of work included base building improvements and modifications required to prepare the new and reconfigured concession spaces, as well as redeveloped common areas and new TSA checkpoint. Other performance considerations for the terminal’s ceilings included easy installation and maintenance; accessibility to lighting, HVAC and security systems; and compliance with the Chicago Department of Aviation’s Sustainability Airport Manual.

“We’re familiar with the airport’s requirements and have done a lot of work at O’Hare throughout the years, and in other airports around the world. Transportation is one of our biggest market segments,” says Suzanne Dissette, ROCKFON’s architectural sales manager.

ROCKFON_IL_T5_08HedrichBlessing_webDissette and the ROCKFON team began the Terminal 5 project early in the design process during the summer of 2012. Terminal 5 remained in operation throughout the construction. The joint venture general contracting team of James McHugh Construction Co. and Ornelas Construction Company minimized disruptions with a carefully choreographed building sequence. ROCKFON’s distributor, Reinke Supply Companies supported this with phased material deliveries. The final details of the concession area’s interior build-out were completed in the first quarter of 2014.

“O’Hare’s original design palette is black and white, and grays of all different shades. On the interior, we wanted to warm it up a bit and give it a hospitality feel, especially in the concession area,” says Kolb. “Westfield, our client, develops a lot of malls and wanted to keep that sense of warmth and hospitality.”

With this goal in mind, a custom Oyster Metallic finish was selected for the ceiling baffles in the concession area. Kolb elaborates on the design: “We did not have much ceiling space to play with. The linear baffle ceiling hides the structure above and makes it feel like a higher ceiling. The above structure was painted black adding to this illusion of height.”

Reinke Supply Companies provided more than 4,100 square feet of Rockfon® Intaline™ Round-Base 6-inch-deep metal baffles. “It’s one of the largest projects we’ve done with this product, by far,” says Reinke’s customer service manager Randy Van Meter. “It wasn’t a real simple application. These weren’t just straight runs. It was a specialty ceiling with odd shapes, curves and, of course, the custom color.”

Kolb continues, “The ceiling’s non-standard shapes take their cues from the floor pattern and the millwork. They all sort of mimic each other. Appearance and cost also were considered in the baffles’ spacing. We’ve used the Intaline metal baffle system before with good success and believe it to be the right product, right design and right cost for this project.”

ROCKFON_IL_T5_10HedrichBlessing_webOrnelas Construction’s project manager Mike Meyer says the regularly spaced “ceiling baffles resemble an H to anyone who looks up.” For Terminal 5, the Rockfon Intaline baffles are assembled in 4-by-4-foot modules attached to 15/16-inch ceiling suspension to ensure module alignment, accept lighting and air diffusers, and provide a continuous linear appearance.

In addition to the Rockfon Intaline baffles, Ornelas installed 1,200 square feet of Rockfon® Magna T-Cell™ ceiling systems and 300 linear feet of Rockfon® Paired Infinity™ engineered perimeter trim. This open plenum masking system is positioned above the TSA Checkpoint and also surrounds the concession area’s ceiling baffles. To support the perception of a high ceiling, the Magna T-Cell panels are painted black and blend with the black perimeter trim.

Working on site, the contractor installed the perimeter trim and assembled the Magna T-Cell’s U-shaped blades into 6-by-6-inch cells to form 2-by-4-foot panels, which are installed into 9/16-inch ceiling suspension. The suspension and panels blend together to provide a continuous open cell ceiling appearance. It also allows easy maintenance with access to the HVAC, security and other systems above it. Contributing to both low-maintenance and environmental benefits, the metal on Rockfon Intaline baffles, Magna T-Cell and Paired Infinity trim contains no organic compounds to support mold and microbial growth.

Epstein’s designers incorporated other environmentally responsible design solutions, with respect to the Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM). The SAM draws largely from the U.S. Green Building Council’s 2009 LEED Rating Systems. For O’Hare Terminal 5, this includes taking advantage of existing daylight, requiring energy-efficient lighting systems and procuring building materials that utilize resource reuse, recycled content and regional origins.

Supporting sustainable initiatives, Intaline baffles and Rockfon Magna T-Cell systems contain 100 percent recycled aluminum content and at the end of the ceiling system’s useful life, it is 100 percent locally recyclable.

“Quality materials with the desired custom color finish, a knowledgeable staff with airport experience and close collaboration between the team members, all contributed to the project’s completion and on time and on budget,” summarizes ROCKFON’s metal ceilings product manager, Patrick Wallis.

Reinke’s Van Meter agrees, “Everything went very smoothly – from submitting drawings to final delivery. The material arrived on time. We didn’t wait on anything. [Their team] was very easy to work with.”

Pleased with the results, Epstein’s Kolb reports that Westfield is “very satisfied” with the ceiling’s contribution on the renovated and expanded Terminal 5.

“We are transforming the entire passenger experience in Terminal 5. We are deploying Westfield’s global expertise in operating some of the most iconic shopping venues in the world to Terminal 5,” stated Dominic Lowe, executive vice president of Westfield Concession Management.

“The reconfigured Terminal 5 raises the bar for airport concessions programs in Chicago and across the country,” concluded Chicago Department of Aviation’s commissioner Rosemarie S. Andolino.


O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 5; 10000 W. O’Hare Drive, Chicago, IL 60666
* Owner: Chicago Department of Aviation; Chicago;
* Owner’s representative: CARE Plus LLC; Chicago;
* Manager: Westfield Concession Management;
* Architectural and interior designer, structural engineer: Epstein; Chicago;
* General contractor: James McHugh Construction Co.; Chicago;
* Joint venture partner and installing contractor: Ornelas Construction Company; Chicago;
* Ceiling systems – distributor: Reinke Supply Companies; Chicago;
* Product: Rockfon® Intaline™ Round-Base metal baffles, Rockfon Magna T-Cell™ and Rockfon Paired Infinity™ trim,
* Photos by Hedrich Blessing, courtesy of Epstein (high resolution available)


Client News: Wausau’s INvent hurricane impact-resistant windows receive NOA

Wausau Window and Wall Systems® INvent™ -HP -XLT Series windows have received Florida’s Miami-Dade Count Notice of Acceptance (NOA), meeting the most stringent hurricane codes. Along with hurricane impact-resistance, these windows provide energy performance and recycled content to meet buildings’ goals for both sustainability and protection.
INvent-HP-XLT Series fixed, awning and project-out casement window units meet the ASTM E 1996 requirements for large “D” missile impact testing for Wind Zones 1-3 and “E” missile impact testing in Wind Zones 3-4 for essential facilities, such as hospitals. These windows were tested in accordance with Dade County Building Code Compliance Office Protocol TAS 201-94, “Impact Test Procedures;” TAS 202-94, “Criteria for Testing Impact and Non-Impact Resistant Building Envelope Components Using Uniform Static Air Pressure;” and TAS 203-94, “Criteria for Testing Products Subject to Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading.”

“The new INvent-HP-XLT product line is the perfect choice for design teams considering ‘better-than-code’ performance requirements,” notes Wausau’s health care market manager, Lisa May, LEED® Green Associate. “The widespread damage caused by Hurricane Sandy has increased expectations for storm resiliency. Invent-HP-XLT windows have been impact-tested with a very broad range of available options — such as large vent sizes, laminates, hardware types and installation accessories — to provide the functionality necessary for buildings of many different types, in warm climates or cold climates.”
Addressing energy efficiency, condensation resistance and thermal performance, the frame uses 24mm XLT polyamide thermal barriers. Helping meet Model Energy Codes, INvent-HP-XLT windows can achieve a Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF) as high as 65 per the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 1503 standard and a U-Factor as low as 0.34 BTU/hr.sqft.ºF per the National Fenestration Ratings Council’s NFRC 100 standard.

INvent-HP-XLT windows also are tested to meet the AAMA AW-100 Architectural Performance Class ratings, including new 910-10 lifecycle testing to 4000 operating cycles, including thermal cycling, as well as stringent requirements for air infiltration, water resistance and structural integrity.

Wausau’s INvent-HP-XLT hurricane impact-resistant windows are available with 3-7/8-inch and 4-7/8-inch frame depths. The aluminum frames contain recycled content averaging 70% or greater. Wausau’s quality-controlled, factory fabrication and glazing ensure the intended performance and accommodate dual-color finishes.

As part of the Advantage by Wausau® standard product offering, INvent-HP-XLT high-performance windows are pre-engineered and factory-glazed. Available on an accelerated delivery schedule, these competitively priced windows are backed with an industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years.


Client News: Kodet Architectural Group wins AIA Minneapolis 2014 Merit Award for Hmong College Prep Academy

KAG_HmongAcad_ExtKodet Architectural Group, Ltd.’s design of the Hmong College Prep Academy has earned a 2014 Merit Award from the American Institute of Architects’ Minneapolis chapter (AIA Minneapolis). Kodet Architectural Group, a Minneapolis-based full-service architectural firm, was honored at a luncheon celebration on June 19. During the presentation, jurors shared their thoughts from their visit to this charter school and the insights gathered from the academic leaders involved in its successful development.

The award-winning Hmong College Prep Academy (HCPA) is located at 1515 Brewster St. in St. Paul, Minnesota. The 78,300-square-foot, $12.6 million project opened at the start of the 2013-14 school year. The facility exemplifies HCPA’s goals of providing a well-rounded college preparatory education and a world cultural-infused school environment for 1,130 K-12 students and their families.

KAG_HmongAcad_Fireplace_DanaWheelockThroughout the project’s design, the architectural team worked closely with HCPA’s 150 staff and administration members to resourcefully repurpose the existing structure and to provide a creative design that meets the school’s space needs. The renovation and addition created auditorium/theater space, two cafeteria areas for elementary and high school students, additional gymnasium space, and new high school classroom and collaboration spaces.

KAG_HmongAcad_LobbyFurther supporting academic and community interests, the school’s addition is pursuing LEED® certification through the U.S. Green Building Council to make tangible the good stewardship practices HCPA promotes daily in the classroom. “We are proud to ‘go green’ and become a LEED-certified school,” stated Christianna Hang, superintendent of the HCPA District.

Compared to a typical school design, the addition anticipates meeting LEED certification goals to reduce overall power consumption 10 to 15 percent, reduce water use up to 40 percent, capture and clean 100 percent of stormwater that falls on the site, and use environmentally friendly interior materials to promote the health of students, staff and faculty. Unique technologies incorporated into the design include a porous paving system with underground infiltration basins for stormwater capture, all-native landscaping designed to use zero irrigation, large windows for daylighting, and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures.

KAG_HmongAcad_TheatreConstructing a more secure, controlled entrance and an open gathering area outside of the new performance theater were also key parts to HCPA’s addition design. The 477-seat theater offers a full stage, green room, production area and other amenities to allow students and the community to produce plays, vocal performances, dance recitals and host other events.

AIA Minneapolis Merit Awards tell a story of excellence beyond design, reflecting the variety of forces that shape a building. Unique in its approach, these awards encompass the views of business professionals, real estate developers, community advocates, and academic leaders, as well as architects. For HCPA, their comments include such descriptions as “conscientious,” “strong core,” “nice interior” and “on budget with tight timeframe.”

Superintendent Hang added, “I am very pleased to say that Kodet and their partners worked hand-in-hand with all constituents to create an amazing building for our students, families, communities and staff. We are incredibly pleased with our new building!”

KAG_HmongAcad_MediaCtrHCPA is one of four projects are recognized as 2014 AIA Minneapolis Merit Award Winners. Kodet Architectural Group also was honored for the Minnesota Department of Transportation Maple Grove Maintenance and Truck Station’s design.


photos by Kodet Architectural Group, Ltd. and photographer Dana Wheelock


Client News: Linetec offers antimicrobial protection for architectural products, White paper

* Visit Linetec in AIA Expo booth #4634 *

Image provided by BE&K Building Group

Image provided by BE&K Building Group

Linetec offers the use of antimicrobial protection for high-touch, architectural metal products’ exterior and interior surfaces, such as doors, windows, curtainwall, entrances, panels and column covers.

Antimicrobial protection is infused into select polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) finishes to inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on the coating of aluminum surfaces for health care facilities, educational campuses and other buildings. As a fluoropolymer finish containing a minimum of 70% PVDF resin, this three-coat system meets requirements of AAMA 2605, the most stringent specification for architectural coatings.

“Continually investing in industry-leading innovation, Linetec provides our customers’ products with protection that exceeds other conventional finishes,” says Jon Close, Linetec’s vice president of sales. “Anywhere the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria is a concern, architectural aluminum manufacturers can benefit from this extra level of protection.”

Providing further explanation, Linetec co-authored a White paper titled, “Antimicrobial Protection for Public Building Applications.” The paper describes the uses and advantages of antimicrobial coatings, as well as details the related technology, testing and specifications.


Client News: Kolbe expands VistaLuxe Collection with 90-degree corner direct set window

* Kolbe is exhibiting at AIA Expo in booth #4441 *

1Kolbe_VistaLuxe90degree_IntKolbe continues to expand its VistaLuxe® Collection with the introduction of a new 90-degree corner direct set window unit, which will be unveiled during the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo and Convention 2014. Collaboratively developed with architects, the VistaLuxe Collection’s contemporary designs utilize multiple units to create large expanses of glass. Minimal frames and sash optimize daylight openings and maximize viewing areas, while maintaining energy efficiency.

“The VistaLuxe Collection made its debut at AIA 2013 and we have continued to build on this success,” said Cindy Bremer, Kolbe’s vice president of marketing. Kolbe’s VistaLuxe Collection includes casements, awnings, direct set windows, inswing and outswing doors and matching transoms, geometric shapes, a complementary multi-slide door, and now, a new 90-degree corner window unit.

“We are seeing an increased demand for 90-degree units as homeowners seek to open up their homes with corner views that seem to transcend structural boundaries and extend their connection with the surrounding landscape,” Bremer continues. “These products give architects and design-savvy homeowners the flexibility to combine units into unique, compatible configurations, while maintaining symmetry and sightlines. Clean, fluid lines are delivered by the narrowest of frames.”1Kolbe_VistaLuxe90degree_Ext

The VistaLuxe Collection products showcase a warm, wood interior with a selection that includes sustainably harvested species. The extruded aluminum clad exteriors may be painted in standard, custom and new mica colors, and all are backed with a 30-year finish warranty. Durable anodize finishes also are available in metallic tones.

A choice of Flush, Accent and Accent Plus style profiles are offered in the VistaLuxe Collection. The frame nosing, sash face, glass and stops always remain in the same plane across product types within a style choice. A range of glass choices assists in addressing different climate zones and performance needs.

The VistaLuxe Collection model on exhibit at the AIA Expo in booth #4441 features a 90-degree direct set corner unit with a post presented in a Flush style exterior painted in the new Cashmere Pearl mica finish. On the interior, the Alder wood species is enhanced with Coffee Bean stain. This display also highlights matching product selections from the VistaLuxe Collection: an outswing door on one side, and a casement and awning unit on the other. Each is paired with Satin Nickel hardware and a 3-5/8-inch jamb. All of the units are shown using LoE2-270 glass with a black glass spacer.

Design teams can easily communicate and visually customize dimensions and functionality for the VistaLuxe Collection’s products using Kolbe’s 3-D Revit® building information models (BIM). In addition to BIM tools, the website offers 2-D drawings; air, water, structural and thermal reports; warranties, installation and maintenance information, and online videos to demonstrate product operation and performance testing.


Client News: Wausau presents Custom Window by Wausau historically accurate windows and terrace door inserts

Wausau Window and Wall Systems® showcases its product line of historically accurate windows during the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo and Convention 2104. The Custom Window™ by Wausau product family includes historic windows, swinging terrace door inserts and accessories to achieve modern performance, while preserving the look of landmark buildings.
For more than 30 years, universities, courthouses, museums, libraries, hotels, schools, high-rise residences and other commercial buildings have relied on these products to meet both renovation and new construction applications. Custom Window by Wausau products may be selected as fixed and project-in or project-out casements; self-balancing double-hung windows; fixed and projected, simulated double-hung windows; hopper vents and historic glazing inserts for swinging terrace doors. Available on an accelerated delivery schedule, these competitively priced windows and doors are backed with an industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years.

“Historically accurate preservation demands more than just a nod to the architectural vernacular,” emphasizes Dave Stevens, Custom Window by Wausau’s product manager. “Respectful restoration calls for replication of character-defining features. Narrow, accurate sightlines; true divided lites; and strict attention to detail set apart the fenestration of landmark structures – then, and now.”3Wausau_CWbyW_IL_RockIslandArsenal

Custom Window by Wausau products can replicate nearly any historic sightline in a true divided lite (TDL) window. Stevens adds, “Glassmaking technology in the years prior to World War II limited the size of individual glass lites, mitigating the use of putty-glazed muntin grids. Only TDL design can reproduce this aesthetic with the fidelity required for rigorous historical preservation.”

Wausau’s project teams work with architects, building teams and presiding historic districts to assist in obtaining necessary aesthetic and performance approvals, associated tax credits and long-term objectives. Extra-wide thermal barriers also can contribute to building’s energy saving goals and condensation resistance.

Stevens notes, “Replication is about the entire opening, not just the window. The product must be easy to install and anchor correctly. Appropriate sills and trim must be provided to complete the window and blend it seamlessly with the opening and the building itself. If a window doesn’t do all these things, it’s simply not good enough.”

PrintCustom profiles can be designed for panning, perimeter framing or muntins, including panning systems with “T” mullions to echo existing profiles. These aluminum components may be specified with up to 70 percent recycled content and finished with liquid paint, powder coatings or anodize. Dual-color finishing can be accommodated to match different interior and exterior color schemes. With a palette exceeding 30,000 color choices, painted finishes may be requested with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and VOC-free content. Durable, VOC-free anodize finishes also may be selected, such as a patina-free copper.

Product descriptions, architectural details, AutoCAD files, specifications and technical guides for Custom Window by Wausau products can be found at


Client News: Valspar shares expertise at AIA and beyond

Valspar will be exhibiting at the AIA Expo in booth #3618

A number of Valspar’s associates also will be in the booth to demonstrate the digital resources, to discuss the product offering and specification, and to answer questions about architects’ dream projects and their real-life application needs. Among those on site will be:


Tim Tritch, Director of Extrusion Sales01_ValsparInspireME_TimTritch_Photo

Tim Tritch began his career at Valspar more than 30 years ago as a quality control technician. Quality remains clearly in his focus, whether he is overseeing sales, technical or production processes. For the past two decades, he has grown and strengthened customer relationships. Currently, he manages the extrusion sales team, creating new market opportunities and developing innovative, value-added products. Prior to this, he was as an account executive focused on serving extrusion customers in the southern and western states.

Before joining the customer account team, Tritch was a production superintendent at both Valspar’s paint manufacturing facilities in Garland, Texas. He supervised employees, training, equipment and scheduling. Amongst his previous roles, he also gained experience as part of Valspar’s team of chemists. He progressed quickly to senior chemist where he formulated industrial extrusion coatings, and provided customers in the U.S. and the Far East with technical support.

A resident of Dallas, Tritch graduated Cum Laude from the University of Texas. Continuing his education and professional development, he is a member the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Together with his colleagues, he also represents Valspar within the American Institute of Architects (AIA).


01_ValsparInspireME_LauraGiannakopoulos_PhotoLaura Giannakopoulos, Architectural Market Manager for North America

Dedicated to anticipating and responding to architects’ needs, Laura Giannakopoulos directs the new “InspireME” marketing, specification and informational resources. During the 2014 AIA Expo, she will help unveil, an online experience for architects and design professionals. Giannakopoulos brings clarity of vision to the architectural market, along with inspiring a “yes culture,” where nothing is impossible and the passion to partner with architects to bring their designs to life.

Giannakopoulos monitors future market needs, architectural trends and next-generation technologies. Drawing from this knowledge, she will be introducing architectural strategic partners to Design Flight color-match app and node for mobile devices. Users will be able digitally save, share, custom-name their swatches and order physical samples.

Along with the launch of Design Flight and InspireME, Giannakopoulos also is involved in launching several new products including Kameleon™ Color coatings and Acropon® 2605 Extrusion Coating System for extruded aluminum product. Before joining Valspar, she assisted in developing architectural metal products and services as an eastern region sales manager for Precoat Metals and Premier Resource Group. A resident of Pittsburgh, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in business management, minor in marketing.


James Sherwood, Architectural Business Development Manager01_ValsparInspireME_JimSherwood_Photo

James Sherwood collaborates with architectural firms and design professionals to support their largest and most complex commercial building projects. Together with Valspar’s team of extrusion coatings specialists, he provides architectural assistance for AIA-approved continuing education presentations, specification details, color matching and samples. Coordinating with Valspar’s laboratory staff, he ensures architects’ requests receive priority, personalized attention.

Before being promoted to architectural business development manager, Sherwood served as the global segment manager for extrusion coatings. He has been in the aluminum extrusion industry his entire career, starting in the chemical industry for extrusion coatings’ surface pre-treatment. An influential industry leader, Sherwood is a taskforce member of the Aluminum Extrusion Council and an active member of the AAMA. He resides in the Dallas.


01_ValsparInspireME_IsabelBartig_PhotoIsabel Bartig, Architectural Marketing Representative

Enhancing the brand experience for architects, designers and applicators, Isabel Bartig creates and manages Valspar’s integrated, multi-channel marketing campaign. Working closely with her sales and marketing colleagues, she leads the team’s interaction with both industry media and social media channels. Bartig develops and facilitates the group’s marketing communications strategy including website, mobile app, email, event, video and print tactics.

Prior to joining Valspar, Bartig’s career includes branding and marketing responsibilities at Cargill Incorporated and Cochlear Americas. She earned an MBA from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business and a bachelor’s degree in marketing and economics with honors that include Cum Laude, Mu Kappa Tau and the Dean’s List. She moved from Colorado to Minnesota and currently lives in Minneapolis.


Valspar supports architects and building industry professionals with industry-leading technical expertise, color-matching and sustainability resources, responsive customer service and high-priority lead times. For more information please call 888.306.2645 or visit


Client News: Linetec introduces online color selection and specification tool

1Linetec_Select-Spec_1* Visit Linetec in AIA Expo booth #4634 *

Linetec announces its new “Select and Spec” tool for architects and design professionals seeking long-lasting finishes for architectural aluminum products. Visitors to, click on the link to the tool where they may choose from the color palettes and order their painted aluminum samples.

“With more than 30,000 colors in our palette and the ability to match almost any hue in-house, we wanted to help simplify the selection process for customers, architects and specifiers. When Linetec is the chosen applicator, this online tool will make it even easier to ensure the project’s architectural products are painted to the exact specification for lasting color and performance,” explained Tammy Schroeder, LEED® Green Associate, Linetec’s senior marketing specialist.
Linetec established eight color families with interactive “chips.” Clicking on a chip, the user can see a larger image and immediately order up to five samples. These 3.5-by-2-inch painted metal samples are mailed to the contact information provided by the user. Each sample is labeled with an “LT” paint code for reference when specifying the finish for future architectural projects.

Linetec’s finishes are specified on windows and curtainwall, column covers, canopies and panel systems, in thousands of building projects every year. Its assortment of durable painted finishes may be requested as liquid or powder coatings. With the 100 percent air capture system and regenerative thermal oxidizer, VOCs from the paint process are captured and destroyed so there is no adverse environmental impact.